Am I saving enough

Fidelity believes that a good starting point when estimating your retirement income is 85% of your current annual income to live comfortably in retirement?which given today?s long life spans can be 25 years or more. And to help build those resources, Fidelity considers 10 ?15% per paycheck a very good start. This amount can take you a long way toward reaching your financial goals.

Retirement still a while away?
Use MyPlan® Snapshot. We?ll ask you a few quick questions about your current and future savings. Based on your answers, we?ll show you if your savings are on track?and help you create a plan that can help get you closer to your goal.


Am I saving within my budget?
A good plan starts with a good budget. Zero in on your cash flow with the Budget Snapshot to get a better understanding of how you spend your money.

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